About Chuck Wagon Trail Riders


The first ride was held in 1957 in the Lincoln National Forest west of Roswell by a group of men from southeastern New Mexico. The principal organizer was Homer Glover. Homer loved horses, his fellow man and the beauty and peace of the mountains of his native state.

All provisions and gear were carried on the saddle or a Welsh pony packhorse named Shorty that stayed with the ride without a lead rope. Camp was moved every night and each rider was responsible for his own food, shelter, horse feed and care. Due to the many hardships and discomforts of the first ride only the boldest and strongest were to participate in future rides. Homer Glover was determined to make this trail ride succeed and the strong organization we have today is a testimony to his vision.

The first rides camped at different locations each night but it soon became apparent that a central base camp would be appropriate. The first cook shack on wheels was provided by Glover Packing Company and was used in its business to promote “Chuck Wagon” products. From this mobile unit came the name of the Ride.

The Ride gradually grew close to 275 riders and over two decades ago it became apparent that it was much too large. Attempts to return to a smaller ride splintered the board of directors into two factions. The supporters of a smaller ride, which was the only one to survive, elected to retain the name, equipment and assets of the organization. The equipment was transported to Santa Fe and stored in Johnny Walker’s backyard.

The organization does not have a membership limit but the Annual Ride is currently limited to 65 riders. Members have the first choice to attend the annual ride. After a certain date, Members are allowed to invite New Riders, who after one ride, provided they conduct themselves within the Spirit of the Ride, are invited to become Members.

It also became apparent early on that a good relationship with the Forest Service is essential and through the years the Ride has developed an excellent reputation for cooperating with the Forest Service and for protecting the environment. The Ride uses only biodegradable soaps and shampoos in the shower trailer and thoroughly cleans camp sites and, where appropriate, re-seeds with native grasses. Under the current atmosphere, it is getting more and more time consuming and difficult to obtain timely approval from the Forest Service and, while continuing to work with Forest Service, the Ride is also cultivating excellent relationships with large landowners. The Foundation and individual members have made contributions of considerable value to improve the campgrounds at popular ride locations; Hopewell Lake, Chama, Valle Vidal and Black Lake that are rotated on a flexible basis. In 2019 a Ride Location committee was started, with Howard Gershon volunteering to be the first Committee chairman, to improve the selection process.

When Ernest Carroll was President of the Ride in the year 2000, he had the vision and insight to conceive of and establish The Chuck Wagon Trail Riders Foundation, Inc. and to secure Internal Revenue Code section 501 (c) (3) certification so that donations to the Foundation may be tax-deductible. The Foundation, in addition to generally promoting the ride, serves as a support organization for the Ride and has expended considerable funds in order to enhance the Ride. Several years ago, Member John Milam designed and built the state-of-the-art water supply trailer. Years later he finished a complete remodeling of the shower trailer and the installation of all new equipment and axles. These units were built by John Milam’s construction company that donated very substantial engineering and labor. Your tax-deductible contributions and aggressive auction bidding made it possible for the Foundation to cover the cost for the actual expenditures with John providing the labor. The Annual Auction affords the bulk of the funds for the Foundation and is enjoyed by all the members. The Foundation also provides entertainment and a great directory for all the Members to have before the ride. For many years, the day-to-day affairs of the Foundation were run by Edwin Alderson. Since his passing in 2017, Russell Bellamy has taken on that position with the assistance of Scott Ackleson, as Secretary/Treasurer.

Edwin Alderson became President in 2003 and completed his third year at the end of the 2006 ride. Art Glenn followed, succeeded by Sam Burford, Russell Bellamy, Scott Ackleson, Sonny Espinoza and Howard Gershon, each serving for two years followed by Brent Cummings serving 3 years during the pandemic. In 2021 the Board elected Russell Shaw who served through the 2023 ride. Michel Chumo has just picked up the reins and will serve a two-year term as President to continue the stable and effective leadership for the organization. Along with the capable and engaged Board members, guidance from the Honorary Board members and participation of the membership, the organization has pulled together with renewed resolve to persevere, grow and be accountable. The Spirit of the Ride and the deep commitment and friendship felt among its members will assure that we will grow, prosper and improve.

Our mission is:


We will continue to uphold these principles and to preserve the Ride and its traditions for future generations. The Board of Directors appreciates your participation to keep this piece of Americana moving forward.




Officers and Board of Directors
Michael Chumo, President & Director
Ed Srsic, Vice President & Director
Stacy Diven, Secretary, Trail Boss & Director
Kurt Ramey, Treasurer & Director
Gary Allen, Quarter Master & Director
Mark Campbell, Director
Brent Cummings, Director
Howard Gershon, Director
Sandy Henry, Director
Jeff Kennedy, Director
J.L Meibergen, Director
Bob Tabing, Director
Walter Voigt, Director

Scott Ackleson, Honorary Director
Dusty Davis, Honorary Director
Sonny Espinoza, Director
Gary Ferrier, Honorary Director
Tom Germsheid, Honorary Director
Cowden Henry, Honorary Director
Mike Kaufman, Honorary Director
Tom Lightfoot, Honorary Director
Amos Melendez, Honorary Director
Trey Naylor, Honorary Director
Mike Schmidt, Honorary Director
John Yeaman, Honorary Director


Officers and Board of Directors
Russell Bellamy, President
Howard Gershon, Secretary and Treasurer
Scott Ackleson
, Director
Gary Allen, Director
Sam Burford, Director
Michael Chumo, Director
Brent Cummings, Director
Russell Shaw, Director
John Yeaman, Director

1957-1976 – Lincoln & Santa Fe National Forests
1977 – Pot Creek
1978 – Vermejo Park
1979 – Lagunitas
1980 – Hopewell Lake
1981 – Apache Creek
1982 – Chama Basin
1983 – Vermejo Park
1984 – Hopewell Lake
1985 – Hopewell Lake
1986 – Apache Creek
1987 – Chama Basin
1988 – Valle Vidal
1989 – Hopewell Lake
1990 – Apache Creek
1991 – Chama Basin
1992 – Hopewell Lake
1993 – Valle Vidal
1994 – Black Lake
1995 – Black Lake
1996 – Chama Basin
1997 – Hopewell Lake
1998 – Apache Creek
1999 –Valle Vidal

1999 –Valle Vidal
2000 –
 Black Lake
2001 – Chama Basin
2002 – Cancelled (dry weather & extreme fire hazard)
2003 – Hopewell Lake
2004 – Valle Vidal
2005 – Zuni Mountain
2006 – Chama Basin
2007 – Black Lake
2008 – Zuni Mountain
2009 – Hopewell Lake
2010 – Quinlan Ranch
2011 – Cancelled (EHV-1 virus)
2012 – UU Bar Ranch
2013 – Rio De Los Pinos
2014 – Rio De Los Pinos
2015 – Black Lake
2016 – Black Lake
2017 – Valle Vidal
2018 – Black Lake
2019 – Black Lake
2020 – Cancelled (Covid-19 virus)
2021 – Black Lake
2022 – Quinlan Ranch
2023 – Black Lake


2023 Award Winners
Edwin Alderson Memorial Award: Sandy Henry
New Rider Award: Joseph “Tuco” Campbell
Senior Rider Award: Dennis Brandon
All Around Cowboy: Walter Voigt
Top Hand Award: Mark Campbell
2013 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: Gary Allen
New Rider Award: John Cox
Senior Rider Award: Tom Germscheid
All Around Cowboy: Ken Salber
Top Hand Award: Brent Cummings
2022 Award Winners
Edwin Alderson Memorial Award: Russell Bellamy
New Rider Award: Jamie Estergaard, Marty Byrd
Senior Rider Award: Mike Kennedy
All Around Cowboy: Kurt Ramey
Top Hand Award: Trey Naylor
2012 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: Art Glenn
New Rider Award: Bill Richins
Senior Rider Award: Jim Adams
All Around Cowboy: Hugh Williams
Top Hand Award: Chris Hagens & Tom Lightfoot
2021 Award Winners
Edwin Alderson Memorial Award: Howard Gershon
New Rider Award: Thomas Naylor and Fred Schuster
Senior Rider Award: Dave “Doc” Fly
All Around Cowboy: Ivan Smith
Top Hand Award: Jared “Jayrod” Estergaard
2010 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: Antonio Ortega
New Rider Award: Soren Peters
Senior Rider Award: Ed Grant
All Around Cowboy Award: Don Gonzales
Top Hand Award: John Raley
Lloyd Jones Chuck Wagon Award: Michael “Milkey” Herman
2019 Award Winners
Edwin Alderson Memorial Award: Mike Kaufman
New Rider Award: Butch Meibergen
Senior Rider Award: Stuart Reeves
All Around Cowboy: Jeff Kennedy
Top Hand Award: Allen Smith
2009 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: John Milam
New Rider Award: George Strickland
Senior Rider Award: Bob Dunn
All Around Cowboy Award: Terry Wilson
Top Hand Award: Sonny Espinoza
2018 Award Winners
Edwin Alderson Memorial Award: Scott Ackleson
New Rider Award: Russell Shaw
Senior Rider Award: Ken Salber
All Around Cowboy: Lonnie Smith
Top Hand Award: Brian Faulkner
2008 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: Cowden Henry
New Rider Award: Tom Lightfoot
Senior Rider Award: Mike Close
Lloyd Jones Chuck Wagon Award: Ed Grant
Top Hand Award: Hugh Williams
2017 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: Amos Melendez
New Rider Award: Stan Williams
Senior Rider Award: Dusty Davis
All Around Cowboy: Jim Hartman
Top Hand Award: Shawn Murphy
2007 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: Edwin B. Alderson
New Rider Award: Sterling Mazenko
Senior Rider Award: Dutch Wellman
Lloyd Jones Chuck Wagon Award: Tom Germscheid
Top Hand Award: J.R. Colby
2016 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: John Yeaman
New Rider Award: Michael Chumo
Senior Rider Award: Fernie Ramirez
All Around Cowboy: John Schaffer
Top Hand Award: Loren Skyhorse
2006 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: Mike Schmidt
New Rider Award: Jerry Roush
Senior Rider Award: John Nelson
All Around Cowboy Award: Marty Clifton
Lloyd Jones Chuck Wagon Award: Dale Cottle
Top Hand Award: Tom Manaraze
2015 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: Sam Burford
New Rider Award: Stock Colt
Senior Rider Award: Bill Sweet
All Around Cowboy: Rodney Milam
Top Hand Award: Gary Allen, Jr.
2005 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: Huie Ley
New Rider Award: Tell May
Senior Rider Award: Preston Smith
Top Hand Award: Gary Allen
2014 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: Tom Lightfoot
New Rider Award: Randall Coolman
Senior Rider Award: Mike Mahaffey
All Around Cowboy: Jim Volk
Top Hand Award: Gary Ferrier
2003 Award Winners
Homer Glover Award: Rusty May
New Rider Award: John Milam & Sonny Espinoza
Senior Rider Award: Ross Hyden
Top Hand Award: Scott Ackleson 



  • Large group dynamics with horses changes everything! Don’t be embarrassed about your horses’ behavior – instead identify the problem or potential problem and adjust.
  • Allow stable mates to stay together.
  • Saddle and mount your horse near its stable mate.
  • If your horse is acting up on the ride, it simply may not like the horses nearby. Consider changing your position in the group. Talk to those around you.
  • Be aware that some horses may not tolerate a strange horse right on their tail or right alongside them. Watch those ears, if the ears are going back on the horse in front of you drop back to avoid a kick. If those ears are going back on your horse, distract him and alert the man behind you.
  • Be aware that a 60-man trail is no place to break in green, young horses. If you identify one, give it a wide berth.
  • This is no time to try out a new tack. Slippery new pads cause big problems for you and those around you.
  • We require halters and lead lines for tying up during breaks and lunch.
  • Keep all your gear pulled up close (rear cinches), ends tucked away (latigos), and bundles tight and secure (slicker, etc.)
  • Lead your horse around before mounting to “shake out” problems and double check tightness of latigo before stepping into the stirrup.
  • Help out your friends around you and accept their help. Potential problems may be more obvious from their point of view.
  • Be aware that the trail boss and his assistants are anxious and willing to help you in any way possible; don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice.